the idea

Access to a collective of expertise of gold prospecting & mining.
Tried & tested, we know what works and what not to waste money on.

Our product line and consulting services, is driven by and founded on decades of hands-on experience, thousands of hours of industry research, prospecting, and product testing. Product quality, durabiilty, design, and function, are always primary considerations in what offer to our customers. While our collective business services address a multiude of industry vectors, in both horizontal and vertical sectors, our passions in what we do runs deeply and relates to our own roots, and the small scale prospector; The enjoyment of the outdoors, and at one with nature - and, of course, the exploration for the all too elusive, gold.

Our business model implements principled best practices, focusing on understanding needs and best use applications. We assertively introduce the cutting edge of industry developments and quality products. Distinctively supplying outside the box thinking for new solutions and better efficiency. Dynamically adjusting to custom application needs on a case by case basis. Operating as a collective of expertise it allows us to scale our available resources to suit custom projects needs of various sizes.


Enhanced in a collective, our teams distinctive leadership skills address development, deployment, and operations as an interactive mindshare. Progressively re-engineering the approach to effective enterprise channels, vertical and horizontal industry sector partnerships and e-business networks. Interactively creating quailty-based, one-stop solution provision, through collaboration and idea-sharing.


meet the team

We are a small group industry consultants on a mission. To help those prospecting, to be able do so, efficently and effectively.

Scott Astle,
Exploration Consultant

Paul Jarvis,
Equipment Consultant

Research Centre

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With our mission goals, products are carefully selected for quality, as efficent and effective prospecting equipment.

Dream Mat Pocket Sluice

Dream Mat Edition


$29.95 CADAvailable in Canada & USA!

Easy to Use & Durable. Dimensions; 5cm wide sluice, 8cm wide flare, 20cm long. Its perfect to take everywhere. Buy more than one as Christmas Stocking stuffers!.