Pocket Sluice

Easy-to-Use, goes where you go! Travel, Exploring, Hiking, Biking, Rafting, Camping, Boating, Vacations, Touring, ATVing - Anywhere! With the Pocket Sluice you are ALWAYS prepared to prospect for gold & gemstones using the most advanced sluice technology on the market

Hanger Hole for carabiner
Flared Dirt Loading Zone
Fluid Dynamics Engineered
Maximized Gold Recovery

The Pocket Sluice Benefits

There is no other compact, light-weight, easy to use gold prospecting tool that utilizes a fluid dynamics engineered design to improve gold recovery.

Engineered Design

Maximized fine gold recovery through fluid dynamics engineered vortex capturing active exchange of light & heavy materials.

Easy To Carry

Can easily fit in the coat pocket, or shackled to a backpack or your belt loop.

Less Concentrates

Prospector Dream manufactured products use engineered active exchange to eject the unwanted dirt.

Easy To Use

Simply place securely in a stream of water, and process your dirt sample to recover all placer gold content.

Hanger Hole

Flared end of the Dream Mat Pocket Sluice has a hole to attach a carabiner or loop of nylon string.

Fine Gold Recovery

The vortex active exchange action causes all placer gold, including the very fine gold, to settle in swirl cells.

Uses Stream Water

Easy to use, super compact, gold prospecting tool, with an engineered design for maximum gold recovery.

Ultimate Prospecting Tool!

Store & carry anywhere, ready to use at anytime... The ultimate gift for outdoors adventure.


Don’t take our word, look at what these gold prospecting experts have to say about Dream Mat Pocket Sluice:

Easy to use, anywhere, anytime. I have one in every vehicle now!

Awesome gold recovery! I keep one shackled to my backpack!

A great prospecting tool for testing new ground!


Got questions? We’ve got answers! If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to info@pocketsluice.com

What is the Pocket Sluice made out of?

Urethane mixture to give next to indestructible durability.

Where is the Pocket Sluice made?

America made product, manufactured in Montana, United States.

Are there other Prospectors Dream distributors?

Absolutely. In fact Prospectors Dream has distributors estabished in USA, Canada (BC & Alberta), Australia, Sweden, France, and Russia.

Does the Pocket Sluice float?

No, it doesn't float, but barely sinks, or sinks slowly.

Purchasing From Australia or New Zealand

To assure you receive your Pocket Sluice in the quickest timeline possible, residents of Australia or New Zealand can purchase a Pocket Sluice from Gold Rat Prospecting Equipment. Simply click on their logo below, and you will be taken to the Pocket Sluice product page!

Gold Rat Prospecting Equipment

DreamMat.ca Sluice Mats Collection

With all the work that goes into gold prospecting, you deserve to maximize your placer gold recovery. Upgrade your Sluicebox with Dream Mats. Various widths & models available. Maximize your gold recovery with sluice mats that are engineered to collect placer gold.

Gold Cube Turbo Upgrade

Three (3) mini-cell Dream Mats for 3-tray Gold Cube.

$195.00 CAD
plus shipping

12"x36" Beach Mat

Mini-cell vortexes works well with sands

$180.00 CAD
plus shipping

8"x36" Dream Mat Original

Large-cell vortexes model

$140.00 CAD
plus shipping

8"x36" Concentrator Dream Mat

Mini-Cell vortexes makes for less concentrates, more gold

$140.00 CAD
plus shipping

Prospecting Equipment by AIGP.ca

Adventures In Gold Prospecting (AIGP.ca) builds quality crafted stream, dredge, and finishing sluices; with a full series of highbanker sizes. For those that have unique circumstances in their prospecting needs, AIGP can custom build to suit your needs.

"MINI 6" Sluice

Finishing sluiice fitted with the 6"x16" mini-cell Dream Mat, supported by a fixed header with internal baffle, fixed slick plate, durably finished in gold vein powder coating. Uses 3/4" female water connection, and requires 1100 gph water flow.

$140.00 CAD
plus shipping

"The Nulifier" Highbanker

The Nullifier is a dirt eating beast, with 10" x 30" hopper-cross bar slotted spray bar, 18" moss tray, 1/8" grizzly. High sided 10"x60" sluice with large crashbox, reverse riffle, 12" slick plate, adjustable leg height, 3 sqft. of 'V' matt, 3 sqft. of miners moss matting, and 10"x36" full-cell Dream Mat, with The Nullifier durably finished in gold vein powder coating.

$1050.00 CAD
plus shipping

"The Dirt Eater" Highbanker

Process dirt all day with this 8"x44" highbanker. Comes with 8"x30" hopper washing material with dual full-flow nozzles, classifying material to 1/4" with hopper grizzly. Super gold recovery with 8"x36" large-cell Dream Mat, complete with adjustable legs, and durably finished in gold vein powder coating.

$610.00 CAD
plus shipping

14" Gravity Trap Gold Pan

Gravity gold trap bottom with 3-Stage deep riffle made out of durable high impact flexible plastic

$34.95 CAD
plus shipping


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